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31  Rhein Fire vs. Frankfurt Galaxy 27
  World Bowl Champion 95 & 99
Tage Stunden Min. Sek. bis zum Spiel gegen Rhein Fire.
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Galaxy Roster



Free Agent Draft 2001
Allocation 2001

Roster 2001

Nr. Name Pos. Geb. Dat. College NFL Team
72 Beverly, Jim C 12/20/76 East Tennessee State Free Agent
57 Thomas, Eric C 11/05/77 Florida State Free Agent
27 Cummings, Chris CB 01/05/74 Lousiana State Free Agent
22 Francis, Tony CB 07/26/77 Illinois Carolina Panthers
30 Gaines, Corey CB 05/09/76 Tennessee Free Agent
31 McMillon, Todd CB 09/09/73 Northern Arizona Chicago Bears
28 Parrish, Terrance CB 10/01/76 Southern Mississippi Tampa Bay Buccaneers
29 White, Jerard CB 10/27/77 Massachusetts Carolina Panthers
35 Williams, Keith DB   St. Cloud State Minnesota Vikings
93 Coley, Marvin DE 02/27/76 North Alabama Free Agent
92 Johnson, Dwight DE 01/30/77 Baylor Philadelphia Eagles
75 Richter, Marcus DE 01/22/73 None Free Agent
95 Spicer, Paul DE 08/18/75 Saginaw Valley Jacksenville Jaguars
90 Benettka, Daniel DT 11/11/74 University od Idaho National (Germany)
98 Broomfield, Donald DT 06/10/76 Clemson Free Agent
96 Grier, James DT 12/20/74 Mississippi State Free Agent
91 Hoelscher, David DT 11/27/75 Eastern Kentucky Protected
94 Seals, Richard DT 03/18/76 Utah New Orleans Saints
74 Brown, Wilbert G 05/09/77 Houston Tampa Bay Buccaneers
79 Nelson, Reggie G 06/23/76 McNeese St Jacksenville Jaguars
11 Bauer, Stephan K 09/03/74 Aschaffenburg Stallions National (Germany)
15 Tarle, Jim K 12/27/72 Arkansas State Jacksenville Jaguars
59 Beutler, Jeremy LB 01/15/76 Ohio University Free Agent
50 Bleker, Marcus LB 07/28/73   National (Germany)
45 Guenther, Eric LB 5/4/77 Illinois San Diego Chargers
58 Moses, Kelvin LB 09/03/76 Wake Forest New York Jets
51 Reed, Andre LB 11/25/76 Jackson St Washington Redskins
55 Stills, Gary LB 07/11/74 West Virginia Kansas City Chiefs
46 Topcu, Cuneyt LB 03/14/79   National (Germany)
54 Wilkinson, Calvin LB 05/05/77 Temple Baltimore Ravens
77 Hagood, Jay OL 8/9/73 Virginia Teck Protected
10 Stewart, Mark P     National (Australia)
18 Bayes, Andrew P/K 02/11/78 East Carolina Detroit Lions
7 Bishop, Michael QB 05/15/76 Kansas State New England Patriots
9 Robinson, Dan QB 05/06/74 Hawaii Free Agent
16 Thompson, Kevin QB 07/27/77 Penn State Cleveland Browns
21 Edwards, Brian RB 06/06/76 East Tennessee St Chicago Bears
8 Kancel, Patrice RB 02/23/70   National (France)
33 Manns, Denvis RB 07/21/76 New Mexico St Dallas Cowboys
44 McLeod, Kevin RB 10/17/74 Auburn Atlanta Falcons
26 Spikes, Rashon RB 10/16/77 North Carolina St Cleveland Browns
20 Walker, Corey RB 06/04/73 Arkansas St Oaklend Raiders
36 George, Tony S 08/10/75 Florida New England Patriots
38 Thompkins, Gary S 01/29/77 West Virginia Bengals
64 Barr, Robert T 06/07/73 Rutgers Protected
73 Rawlings, Josh T 04/11/77 Minnesota New England Patriots
78 Simmons, Terrance T   Alabama St Washington Redskins
71 Tucker, Josh T 08/05/78 Tennessee Oaklend Raiders
89 Monroe, Rod TE 07/30/75 Cincinnati Cleveland Browns
84 Muther, Pete TE 06/09/77 Tulsa Kansas City Chiefs
85 Penn, Kawasak TE 12/01/74 Western Carolina Detroit Lions
5 Coleman, Linton WR 03/08/78 Lane College Baltimore Ravens
88 Fischer, Olaf WR 10/11/74   National (Germany)
82 Hall, Ricky WR 01/17/76 Virginia Tech Kansas CityChiefs
1 McCullough, Andy WR 11/11/75 Tennessee Protected
83 Menendez, Rondel WR 05/18/75 East Kentucky Philadelphia Eagles
81 Mitchell, Kenny WR 04/09/77 Arizona St Philadelphia Eagles
23 Pawelka, Filip WR 08/11/76 Central Florida National (Poland)
2 Powell, Bill WR 06/25/75 Rutgers Free Agent
87 Savage, Damon WR 02/01/76 Tulsa Miami Dolphins
19 Soumah, Marc-Angelo WR   University of Sorbonne-Paris National (France)


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